Our Impact

A data-driven approach to tracking teacher development

The LRTT journey

Leading inspiring teacher training around the world since 2012.

5 Teachers - 1 Country

Discovering the challenge

We started small. Five teacher friends volunteering in rural Uganda noticed a desperate need for improvements in the quality of teaching and ran a pilot teacher training course to see whether such a model could make a positive difference.

26 Teachers - 1 Country

Our training really mattered

After a successful pilot project, we realised we were doing something that no one else was. Our training really mattered to the teachers we were working with and the Ugandan teachers asked us to come back. So we did.

56 Fellows - 4 Countries

Branching out

Encouraged by our success, we established ourselves as a social enterprise and formalised the LRTT Fellowship programme. We branched out and ran fellowships in Uganda, Tanzania, Cambodia and Nepal to more than 700 teachers.

69 Fellows - 6 Countries

Learning from experience

We expanded again, this time in India and Guyana. Working closely with our partners and by measuring the impact of our training, we adapted our course to lead teachers through cycles of workshops, observations and coaching.

85 Fellows - 6 Countries

Better training, deeper impact

Thanks to the contribution of over 150 fellows, our training was better, our reach grew and our impact deepened. By 2015 we had led training to more than 1500 teachers in three continents.

177 Fellows - 8 Countries

A milestone: 20,000 pupils

As we move into 2017, LRTT is proud to have led teacher training from Guyana in the Caribbean to Cambodia in southeast Asia. 300 Fellows have inspired and trained more than 2,500 teachers, helping to improve the lessons of more than 20,000 pupils.

350 Fellows - 10 Countries

A year of Fellows

With a full-time team in place for the very first time, LRTT was in a position to grow its community of teachers to build a movement passionate about the quality of education and professional development.

1500 Fellows - 20 Countries

A lead teacher network

Our goal by 2020 is to have developed communities of lead teachers across all our partners who's role will be to co-deliver training in their schools and champion the qualities of good teaching, all year round.

1 Million Teachers

Global primary education

The UN estimates that by 2030, there will be 8.2 million too few teachers. LRTT's mission is to stop this from becoming a reality by building capacity to ensure every child has a great teacher. 

Our 2020 Impact Goals

Teacher training

Lead relevant and engaging teacher training in countries where teachers receive little or no training.

By 2020: to be operating in 20 countries across 25 fellowships to more than 3000 teachers.

Leadership development

Run highly effective leadership development opportunities for teachers.

By 2020: to establish LRTT as the most effective leadership development programme in the UK, USA and Australia.

Partner support

Work with education organisations tackling the challenge of low-quality education while raising the status of the teaching profession.

By 2020: to provide year-round support to 20 partners around the world.

Measure impact

Collect data to measure the impact of LRTT on key stakeholders and use it to continually develop our strategy.

By 2020: to build and use a fully integrated cloud-based monitoring and evaluation tool.

Impact outcomes


Frank, a Ugandan teacher, describes how LRTT is helping to build a community of teachers through its training.


Our fellows' leadership development journey, from day one of training, through to their experience in-country.


Tej Paul Singh, founder of our India partner PPSO, describes how LRTT has supported teacher development in Punjab.

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