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 Ugandan context

LRTT supports teachers across the Bwindi and Masindi regions of Uganda. Many of the teachers we train teach classes of 60+ children with only a chalkboard. In classrooms like these, making sure every child is learning is a real challenge and innovative approaches can make a real difference.

Our objective

Through cycles of workshops, observations and coaching we support teachers to plan and deliver better lessons. Since 2015 we have co-led training with our network of LRTT Lead Teachers with the aim of building long term capacity.

The programme

Our Partners

We work in close partnership with Great Lakes Regional University (GLRU) in the Bwindi District, Southwest Uganda to promote high quality education through teacher training. In Masindi, western Uganda, we are partnered with Red Earth Education, working to unlock young peoples potential through better teaching.

Understanding the context

In Kanungu, the team will conduct lesson observations in schools to deepen the understanding of challenges faced by teachers in the rural Uganda context, which will help shape the upcoming LRTT training. In Masindi, the team will get familiar with the current teacher training already in place and identify key needs to progress teacher development.

Observations and planning

In Kanungu, our Fellows will begin working collaboratively with Ugandan teachers introducing new approaches into the classroom through a programme of workshops, joint planning, observations and coaching. In Masindi, our Fellows will work closely with head teachers and senior leaders to develop existing teacher training programmes and initiatives.

Workshops and coaching

In Kanungu, the group will co-facilitate LRTT workshops with our network or Lead Teachers in Uganda. Through a cycle of coaching and reflection the Fellows will work to embed these new approaches and empower teachers to experience real change in their classrooms. In Masindi, the group will lead a series of workshops, planning, observations and coaching to 100 local primary head teachers.

Fellow experience


Uganda 2015

The experience was amazing. It was great to be able to immerse myself in a completely different culture and see how schools operate in a totally different context to what we are used to. Visiting somewhere so rural meant that we really experienced Uganda properly. 


Uganda 2016

The lodge was an incredible place to stay and I enjoyed my time there a great deal. The location overlooking Bwindi rainforest was stunning, and the local staff and teachers were so kind and very enthusiastic.


Uganda 2016

I definitely feel more confident as a teacher. My confidence developed in delivering the sessions, I learnt new strategies through collaboration with other teachers and after the observations of teaching I knew exactly what strategies I needed to focus on.


Uganda 2014

I had a fantastic time and met some amazing Ugandans and fellows whilst I was there. The accommodation was good and the excursions were well worth the money. The team leaders did a great job too.


Uganda 2015

Absolutely amazing! I'm definitely going to apply to be a team leader next year, either in Uganda or on another fellowship. I recommend this to any teacher who is looking for their next challenge.

What's included?

Spend 3-4 weeks as part of a team of like-minded teachers in Uganda


  • - Accommodation throughout
  • - Three good meals a day
  • - All transport in Uganda
  • - Team Leaders
  • - Airport pickup and drop-off
  • - LRTT conference costs
  • - 24hr support in Uganda
  • - Pre-departure training


  • - Flight to Uganda
  • - Travel Insurance
  • - Ugandan Tourist Visa
  • - Vaccinations and antimalarials

  • Your Team Leaders will help you connect with our trusted flight and insurance providers as well as supporting you with your vaccinations and visa.


The group stay at backpacker-style accommodation. With great views, western bathrooms and shower facilities, friendly staff and camp-fire culture, the place soon feels like home away from home.


All transport is included. We have 4×4 safari vehicles which are great for getting around the community and come into their own on weekends and Safari.

Team Leaders

Our team leaders are UK/US teachers themselves and work alongside our Ugandan team of teachers, drivers and chefs who treat us like family for the whole Fellowship.

Experience Uganda


"Wild Adventure"

Bungee Jump

"Adrenaline pumping"

Big 5 Safari

"African experience"

Gorilla Trekking

"On the bucket list"

Lake Bunyonyi

"Beautiful location"

Chimp Trekking

"An epic setting"

What's next?

Our selection process


Choose between our Fellowships in Kanungu in July or August, or our Fellowship in Masindi in August. Apply online and hear from us within 48 hours.

Speak to the team

Complete a 30-40 minute phone interview with a Team Leader.

Confirm your place

If successful, receive an email offering you a place within 3 days. Confirm your place with a deposit.

Welcome to the team

Get a welcome pack with useful reading about your Fellowship, travel information and key dates for your diary.

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