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June  5 Jun - 26 Jun 2019

June  17 Jun - 8 Jul 2019

 Context in Guyana

Although some training is available, there is no requirement for teachers to be qualified and over 60% come straight into the profession after leaving secondary school. As well as being under-resourced, the teaching profession is not held in as high regard as it should be.

Our objective

In Guyana, we work alongside the Ministry of Education to complement their existing efforts in improving education. We aim to build on our previous Fellowships to empower teachers by sharing modern teaching techniques that bring classrooms to life and improve student outcomes. We will use a workshop-based approach to allow the teachers to think about applying LRTT techniques in their own schools for their own students.

Fellowship Overview

Partner: School of Nations

By working in partnership with Guyana’s School of Nations and the District Education Office, we design our programs to support national priorities in education by both training teachers within the system and building local capacity for professional development.

Understanding the context

Starting in the capital, Georgetown, you will receive introductory sessions learning about Guyanese culture and its education system. Teaching in schools helps you better understand the context. After getting to grips with the status quo the group head off to explore the rivers and creeks of Guyana’s tropical rainforest.

Delivering Conferences

The team will deliver a series of group workshops designed to introduce Guyanese teachers to a series of teaching skills and strategies that put the learner at the heart of the lesson. Fellows facilitate sessions in pairs for small groups of Guyanese teachers, with a strong emphasis on peer-observation and practise.

Observations and Coaching

After the workshops have taken place, the Fellows will conduct a number of follow-up lesson observations and share feedback to the Guyanese teachers through coaching sessions. After a closing ceremony, the group will head out to the virgin rainforest on the Kaieteur Falls Trek.

Fellow Experience


Guyana 2016

Guyana is like nowhere I’ve ever been. The country is a melting pot of South American and Caribbean culture, inhabited by a fascinating mix of people, rich and poor. It was a real privilege to spend time with so many teachers and learn more about this charming and often overlooked country from the people who call it home.


Guyana 2016

The feedback we received from the teachers was extremely positive. They were so receptive to the themes and ideas we presented to them and I feel the teachers in the community really benefitted from us being there.


Guyana 2016

There was a great team spirit during the trip and it was brilliant to be around other like-minded teachers for the month. Amazing excursions!


Guyana 2016

The training sessions we had in Guyana on how to teach adults were so beneficial and gave me much more confidence going into the conferences.


Guyana 2016

Developing partnerships was so important to me to build a learning community where we all worked together. I shared my email address so that our group could also ask for further support and we can share what's working and I’ve already had emails!

Our Commitment

  • Responsible and Sustainable +

    By working in close partnership with locally-led teacher development organisations and by taking a data-driven approach to our work, we are able to track teacher development to evaluate the impact of our training and continually improve our course.

    "Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all."
  • Purposeful Travel +

    A professional and cultural exchange between teachers working in very different contexts, brought together by a passion for education.

    "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."
  • Positive & Supportive Culture +

    Build meaningful relationships with like-minded teachers, open to learn and share their experiences, and grow through a unique shared experience.

    "When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved"
  • Unforgettable Stories +

    An opportunity to learn from inspiring people, share new experiences, and create lifelong memories.

    "Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

Experience Guyana

Kaieteur Falls

"The world's tallest"

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Sloth Island Resort

"Guyana's nature at its best"

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Horse Cart Tour and River Birding Tour

"History and conservation"

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Guyana Package

THREE amazing excursions

Includes Kaieteur falls, Sloth Island nature resort, Mangrove horse-cart tour and Mahaica River Birding Tour.

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What's next?

Our selection process

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Once you've submitted your application you can expect to hear from one of the team leaders within 48 hours.

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As part of our commitment to high-quality teacher training, we conduct 30-40 minute phone interviews with all applicants.

Confirm your place

If successful, you'll receive a congratulatory phone call or email from a team leader, with 7 days to confirm your place.

Join the team

Once we have received confirmation of your place, you will be welcomed onto the team via email and facebook.

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