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Simon Graffy

Co-Founder & Director

"Great teaching is the cornerstone of great education and great education lifts people out of poverty. LRTT exists to tackle the global challenge of teacher shortage so that one day every child will have a great teacher."

Tom Lewis

Co-Founder & Director

"I'm passionate about giving people the opportunities to succeed. Seeing the personal growth and professional development of our team leaders, fellows and teachers is incredible."

Tom Greenwood

Operations Director

"LRTT has changed the way I think about education, leadership and the world. It was created and is driven by teachers for teachers. It's made me a better teacher in the process."

Sarah Grant

Partnerships Director

"LRTT enables teachers from around the world to share their ideas, knowledge and passion for teaching. Together we can inspire, support and motivate each other to ensure our students receive the highest quality of education."

Andy Houlihan

Programme Leader

"I'm passionate about international development and education. I believe every child should have access to high-quality education and LRTT is tackling this head-on."

Lauren Fisher

Programme Leader

"LRTT empowers teachers to work collaboratively on improving the education of young people, sharing their passion for education while inspiring and supporting each other."

Kate Orr

LRTT Officer

"LRTT equips teachers around the world to improve their practice and give students a better education. LRTT is the best CPD I've ever had and recommend the opportunity to other teachers."

James Canvin

LRTT Officer

"Having joined the LRTT team in 2016 I'm hugely excited to be programme leading a number of LRTT Fellowships in 2017-18. The contribution LRTT is making to global education is extremely inspiring and a real pleasure to be part of."

Richard Wood

Teaching and Leadership Coach

"I've been a part of LRTT since taking part in the Nepal 2014 project. Since then I have played a central role in the development of LRTT training and course and LRTT's wider growth and development"

James Evans

Communications Manager

"Every child has a right to good education, but limited resources in some parts of the world can cause inequality. LRTT connects teachers across the world and empowers them to be part of the solution."

Nic Colombres

Head of Finance

"LRTT is a great example of how professionals can use their expertise to improve people's chances across the world. It's a worthy cause and something I'm really proud to be supporting."

Nick Lee

Head of Digital

"I'm proud to be able to use my technical knowledge and experience to support LRTT with its digital strategy and online presence. I am where I am today because I had a great teacher."

Mahlon E Sinclair

Course and Training Advisor

"Alongside my role at Ark, I support the development of the LRTT course and training programmes. Since getting involved as a Fellow in India and again as a Team Leader in Guyana I now use my experience as a Training Lead at Ark to contribute to LRTT's continuing growth."

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