Our Impact

A data-driven approach to tracking teacher development

Our Global Reach

Since 2012, our Fellows have trained more than 3500 teachers in 10 countries around the world.

Impact Outcomes

Teacher Development

93% of teachers who participated in the training said they felt more confident in their teaching skills after LRTT. 95% of particpant teachers left feeling more valued as a teacher.

Community Development

75% of our partners say LRTT is improving the quality of education in the area. 88% of our partners agree LRTT provides an effective professional development opportunity for teachers

Fellow Development

88% of Fellows report returning to their classrooms more passionate about education. 89% of Fellows felt they made a positive impact on the teachers and communities they worked with.

Fellow Experience

90% of Fellows would you recommend LRTT to a friend or colleague, with 90% of Fellows feeling more connected to global education, and 72% interested in returning in 2018/2019.

Fellow Feedback


Tanzania 2016

Without doubt, LRTT is my most valuable CPD to date. It's developed me as a teacher and a leader and I have every intention of staying involved for many years to come.


Uganda 2015

The experience was amazing. It was great to be able to immerse myself in a completely different culture and see how schools operate in a totally different context to what we are used to. Visiting somewhere so rural meant that we really experienced Uganda properly.


Cambodia 2015

It massively exceeded my expectations. I had a wonderful time in Cambodia. The combination of the gratification gained from seeing the impact of the training on the teachers, the varied excursions and the group of like-minded people I was with made it the best experience I have ever had.


Guyana 2016

The feedback we received from the teachers was extremely positive. They were so receptive to the themes and ideas we presented to them and I feel the teachers in the community really benefitted from us being there.


Nepal 2016

I built fantastic working relationships with the Nepalese teachers and learnt so much from them. By the end of my time in Nepal, I felt I was able to successfully lead CPD. Since returning to my school I've delivered CPD on routines and AfL at my school.


Tanzania 2015

A once in a lifetime experience. I was absolutely thrilled and humbled to work so closely with local teachers who were so friendly and kind. I would definitely recommend LRTT and would love to continue to be a part of its mission as it's something I feel very strongly about.

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