Become an LRTT Fellow

Be part of an inspiring team of educators, leading teacher training overseas during the summer.

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Make an impact while growing yourself in a new education context - all in your summer break.

Spend 3-4 weeks supporting teachers in one of 11 countries.

A 3-4 week-long professional development programme bringing together teachers from economically developed countries to provide training for teachers in contexts where people live on less than $5 a day.

Make an impact, share unforgettable experiences.

Join a unique team of 25 qualified and dedicated teachers to co-facilitate effective & contextually relevant professional development for teachers. Our Fellowships take place outside of term time and in 10+ countries around the world.

Be part of a global community of inspiring teachers.

Our community of more than 1000 Fellows is made up of qualified teachers who all share a passion for global education, a commitment to continual learning and personal development, and a belief that teachers are a child's greatest resource.

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Four reasons to become an LRTT Fellow this year.

Grow Professionally and Personally

There’s a commonality between every teacher that becomes an LRTT Fellow; the desire to be the best teacher they can be. Stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself is one of the most effective ways to grow as an educator. Because our Fellowships bring teachers together across contexts, they are both a skill-sharing opportunity and a cultural exchange. This combination makes for a uniquely energising opportunity to both share knowledge and learn from inspiring teachers in new setting.

See education in a new context

Many Fellows join LRTT to gain a more global understanding of education to bring back to their classrooms and reignite their passion for teaching. During a Fellowship, Fellows observe lessons in schools, and work closely with 4-5 teachers, while deliver co-facilitating a professional teacher development programme for 100 teachers. This humbling experience helps shed light on new perspectives in education and challenges us to reflect on ‘what makes a good teacher’.

Make sustainable positive change

Our success as an organisation hinges on our capacity to facilitate sustainable, long-lasting improvements in education, and it’s that commitment that gives Fellows confidence to commit their time, money and energy to join LRTT. Across all Fellowships we work with partners, and rather than teaching children, Fellows work with qualified teachers to deliver globally-informed locally-owned, relevant face-to-face teacher development programmes designed to build a movement of well-trained, effective, and empowered teachers.

Share what you have

Teachers from economically developed countries such as UK, US and Australia are incredibly fortunate to not only have had access to a high-quality education as a child, they also continue to receive ongoing professional development as a teacher. LRTT Fellowships are an opportunity for aspirational educators to share their knowledge and skills with teachers around the world who face the same challenges in their classrooms as they do, but simply don’t have access to teacher training and professional support.

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Our Fellows are spreading the word and our movement is growing.


Tanzania 2016

Without doubt, LRTT is my most valuable CPD to date. It's developed me as a teacher and a leader and I have every intention of staying involved for many years to come.


Uganda 2015

The experience was amazing. It was great to be able to immerse myself in a completely different culture and see how schools operate in a totally different context to what we are used to. Visiting somewhere so rural meant that we really experienced Uganda properly.


Cambodia 2015

It massively exceeded my expectations. I had a wonderful time in Cambodia. The combination of the gratification gained from seeing the impact of the training on the teachers, the varied excursions and the group of like-minded people I was with made it the best experience I have ever had.


Guyana 2016

The feedback we received from the teachers was extremely positive. They were so receptive to the themes and ideas we presented to them and I feel the teachers in the community really benefitted from us being there.


Nepal 2016

I built fantastic working relationships with the Nepalese teachers and learnt so much from them. By the end of my time in Nepal, I felt I was able to successfully lead CPD. Since returning to my school I've delivered CPD on routines and AfL at my school.


Tanzania 2015

A once in a lifetime experience. I was absolutely thrilled and humbled to work so closely with local teachers who were so friendly and kind. I would definitely recommend LRTT and would love to continue to be a part of its mission as it's something I feel very strongly about.

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