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August  30 Jul - 25 Aug 2019

 Context in India

LRTT India is focussed in the Punjabi town of Rajpura, north of Delhi. You will work with teachers in low-cost private schools where every penny counts in ensuring that the poorest children in these communities get the best education.

Our objective

Our work in India aims to boost the prestige and capacity of the teaching profession, especially in the low-cost private schools. The LRTT sessions are delivered through small, interactive workshops, and followed up with lesson observations and coaching.

Fellowship Overview


In Rajpura, we work alongside Punjab Private Schools Organisation who support a vast network of low-cost private schools all across the Punjab region. We work with an inspiring group of school leaders within PPSO and learn from how they are working to improve educational outcomes.

Understanding the context

You will start this Fellowship in Delhi, the capital of India and a bustling metropolis! After exploring the city you will travel north to settle down in the town of Rajpura where the Fellowship is based. You will step into the classroom initially as an observer before trying your hand at the art of teaching in India.

Teacher training and observations

You will lead the first days of the teacher training sessions alongside another colleague. After each conference day, you will get to observe the teachers in their schools, and coach them through improvements to their practice.

Building relationships

After building great relationships with your teachers, the training workshops will continue and you will see yourself and your teachers grow immensely. The end of the trip will take you on excursion to an eco-lodge in Jimmy Corbett National Park to try to spot the elusive tigers!

Fellow Experience


India 2016

The training was particularly effective when we all focused on corporal punishment and a clear message was given in schools, at the conference days and in the coaching.


India 2016

The highlights were working with other teachers who were just excellent- not just in technique but in personality and character. I loved seeing India in such an authentic way, and meeting so many inspiring, warm, hospitably Indians.


India 2016

I think the conferences were a great success. I really enjoyed working with others in delivering the sessions and also speaking with my fellow fellows about how to approach certain situations.


India 2016

The biggest source of confidence that I got was from the other fellows and their variety of experiences.

Our Commitment

  • Responsible and Sustainable +

    By working in close partnership with locally-led teacher development organisations and by taking a data-driven approach to our work, we are able to track teacher development to evaluate the impact of our training and continually improve our course.

    "Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all."
  • Purposeful Travel +

    A professional and cultural exchange between teachers working in very different contexts, brought together by a passion for education.

    "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."
  • Positive & Supportive Culture +

    Build meaningful relationships with like-minded teachers, open to learn and share their experiences, and grow through a unique shared experience.

    "When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved"
  • Unforgettable Stories +

    An opportunity to learn from inspiring people, share new experiences, and create lifelong memories.

    "Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

Experience North India

Temple Tour

"Magnificent sites"

Himalayan Retreat

"A spiritual place"

India package

TWO amazing excursions

Includes: Golden Triangle Temple Tour and Shimla Himalayan Retreat.

What's next?

Our selection process

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If successful, you'll receive a congratulatory phone call or email from a team leader, with 7 days to confirm your place.

Join the team

Once we have received confirmation of your place, you will be welcomed onto the team via email and facebook.

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