Leadership Development

The benefits of LRTT for teachers and schools

Who benefits from LRTT?

Teachers benefit

Fellows collaborate with a team of aspirational teachers committed to educating how to design and experience delivery of cutting edge participatory teacher training, observe, reflect with and learn to coach teachers and reflect on their own practice, as well as learning to apply universally applicable pedagogy in the classroom.

Schools benefit

Fellows return to their schools feeling more competent as classroom teachers and leaders. They are more creative and experimental in their teaching. They are more resilient, and produce better student outcomes across core subjects. An increased sense of value as a teacher increases the likeliness they remain in the teaching.

Amanda Timberg (Director of Programmes at Teach First) and Pat O-Shea (Education Consultant) explain how LRTT benefits teachers and schools.

What our Fellows say

"My most valuable CPD to date"

In the classroom

Feedback from fellows has shown the experience delivering CPD to teachers was a great way for them to consolidate their own learning, as well as picking up new techniques to bring back to their classrooms.

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Teacher leadership

Being forced to adapt to completely different contexts and collaborate with other teachers to plan and lead the best workshops possible has proven to be a process that has helped fellows to develop as leaders. This process is quite unique to CPD.

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General self efficacy

Fellows have explained how coaching other teachers and really feeling like they have helped to make a difference has given them so much more confident in themselves as a teacher and has highlighted to them that they have a very valuable set of skills.

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Fellows have reported returning to their schools feeling more confidence. Feeling an increased sense of own professional competence, flexibility and creativity. A number of fellows have used the experience to be the platform to go on to middle-leadership positions in their schools.

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Our sustainable model

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How can schools help?

Support fellows by contributing a portion of the school CDP budget towards the costs of their programme.

Boosting fellows fundraising campaigns by supporting an organised non-uniform day or similar school charity event.

See the value in LRTT as a unique and valuable CPD opportunity for teachers and promote it within your school.

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